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Top 3 ways to prepare for Thanksgiving ahead of time

Turkey Day may be a few weeks away, however planning ahead of time is sure to ease the stress, especially if you will be hosting the annual family gathering. Some people might think the only thing that makes Thanksgiving great is the food served, but there is actually a lot more that goes into making the festive day a success.

1. Order the turkey
Thanksgiving is one of the most popular celebrations around the U.S. and because of this, turkeys are in high demand. You may think you'll be able to run down to the store the day before the holiday and grab one, but in reality it may be smarter to order one now, so you'll be sure to get a good one.

2. Make a list of what people are bringing
During the holidays most people want to help out in order to lessen the burden on the host. Although this can be a nice gesture, you should find out exactly what each person is planning on bringing ahead of time. This will help you avoid having multiple same dishes.

3. Get Thanksgiving decorations
Nothing says Thanksgiving more than the turkey and festive decorations. A great way to spruce up your dinner table is to purchase Thanksgiving centerpieces. An arrangement like Autumn's Joy by Teleflora is sure to impress your guests. This collection of orange roses, dark orange lilies and burgundy copper beech leaves come in a ceramic pumpkin that can be reused all season long.

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