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Top 3 ways to celebrate Labor Day weekend

Labor Day weekend is right around the corner and there are a few great ways to send off summer with a bang. If the weather is nice, it may be best to try to do outdoor activities with family and friends before the cold weather starts to force you inside for the next few months.

1. Have a block party

Part of summer fun is cooking on the grill and sharing a few laughs with family and friends. This is why the long weekend may be the perfect chance for neighbors to get together during an old fashioned block party. Have everyone select certain items to make ranging from appetizers to main dishes and desserts.  Make the party even more fun by holding a hot dog or pie eating contest with a few silly prizes.

2. Camping

Another fabulous way to embrace an extra day off is to take the family camping for one last time this year. You can stay local or travel out of state for this fun adventure. However, since this is a popular idea, you may want to make reservations at a specific campground ahead of time in order to get a spot you want.

3. Relax at home

There are plenty of fun activities families can do right in the comfort of their own homes. From making fun meals together to going for bike rides around town, sometimes staying home can be more exciting and easy going than traveling. Spruce up the house and give it a more festive feel by purchasing flowers like Picnic in the Park by Teleflora. This collection of sunflowers, peach roses, purple stock and miniature green hydrangea come in a lovely wooden basket that will push the summer vibes for a bit longer.

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