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Top 3 ways to celebrate Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and that means kids everywhere are counting down the days until they are able to dress up and have fun while racing around the neighborhood in pursuit of candy. Since the spirit of Halloween is all about having a good time, some parents may be wondering how to make the day even more special for their kids and their friends.

1. Make fun snacks
A great way to get the entire family in the Halloween spirit is to make a few goodies that the kids can bring in to school or can share with friends as they get ready to go trick-or-treating. Pizza Mummies can be fun and require miniature bagels, cheese, pizza sauce, black olives and green or red peppers. Simply put the sauce on the bagels and have the kids spread the stripes of cheese out to look like a mummy – have them leave room for the eyes made of the sliced olives and peppers.

2. Host a party
Another fun activity is to host a party for the kids and their parents prior to trick-or-treating. Make sure to have Halloween-games and activities set up including pumpkin carving areas and bobbing for apples.

3. Spruce up the home
Nothing says you're ready for Halloween quite like decorations and you can add some fun to your dinner table with Halloween flower decorations. Teleflora's Boo-tiful Bats arrangement is sure to impress your guests as the orange gerberas, yellow button mums and green accents come in a black glass cube vase. The added bonus is the spooky backdrop coming off the flowers consisting of black silk holly leaves made to resemble bats and a full yellow moon.

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