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Top 3 ways to celebrate grandparents

There is a lot to love about grandparents, ranging from their endless supply of love to their ability to make kids smile no matter what. Grandparents are able to have the best of both worlds – showering the kids with love and the ability to send them back home to their parents with sugar-highs. Although families around the nation may always praise and thank their grandfathers and grandmothers for their care, a great time to put a bit more emphasis on these people is during Grandparents Day on September 9.

1. Take them out to a nice dinner

A fabulous way to reward grandparents for being there for their grandkids no matter what is to send them a gift card to their favorite fancy restaurant. Most times as people get older, they refrain from treating themselves to the finer things in life in order to save more money for retirement. By gifting them with a certificate to head to their favorite spot, it gives them the perfect excuse to get dolled up and enjoy themselves.

2. Take a vacation

Another fabulous way to say “thank you” to grandma and grandpa is to send them away for a weekend. Making reservations for them to visit a spa may be best as it will offer them a chance to be pampered.

3. Send flowers

Most people enjoy getting a surprise bouquet of flowers now and then and Grandparents Day may be the perfect time to honor grandparents. A collection like Teleflora’s Spring Fling may be best as this arrangement of stunning blue hydrangeas, peach roses, pink Matsumoto asters and purple statice come in a beautiful lilac vase that is sure to spice up their home decor.

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