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Think pink in October with flowers

October is not only a time to enjoy fall and get ready for Halloween, it is also the month dedicated to breast cancer awareness. One in eight women are predicted to develop breast cancer in their lifetime, the American Cancer Society reports, which is why fighting it is such a noble cause.

There is plenty people can do to show their support for individuals who are either going through treatment, are in remission, or to honor loved ones lost to the disease. One way to contribute to this worthy cause is to sign up for a walk during the month that gives proceeds to breast cancer research. You could also help a friend or family member dealing with the disease by offering to watch their kids for them so they can rest or making meals they can simply warm up to ensure their families are well taken care of.

Another way to show support to a friend or relative battling the disease is to try and cheer her up by sending her Teleflora's Pink Hope and Courage Bouquet that is made of pink roses, pink Asiatic lilies and comes in a custom pink vase. Teleflora donates 15 percent of the selling price of this bouquet sold in October to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

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