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How to Take Care of Your Christmas Poinsettias

What is Christmas decor without a lush bouquet of poinsettias? These flowers, in a vibrant red, snowy white or even a pleasant pink hue have become synonymous with a house well-decorated for the holidays. Though you can pick these flowers up at plenty of stores or even have them delivered right to your door, they may not come with instructions that let you know how to properly care for them. If you want to keep your poinsettias alive and vibrant as long as possible, follow these instructions:


Tips for Choosing Your Poinsettia
When picking out your poinsettia, look for leaves that are dark green, without any wilted blooms. If a plant has already begun wilting, chances are, it’ll take a lot of work to make it healthy again. You’ll also want to opt for a plant with vibrant flowers with little discoloration on the ends. A good indication of a healthy plant is lush leaves and flowers on all sides.


Don’t Stress About Yellow Poinsettia Leaves
When you first get a poinsettia plant, you may notice that a few of the leaves begin to turn yellow and fall off. Don’t get too worried unless the entire plant is changing color or shriveling. You plant is adjusting to the environment in your home. In many cases, people get alarmed by the color change and begin over or underwatering it, causing the whole plant to die. Don’t change your plant maintenance and your poinsettia will be OK. Chances are, just a few leaves will fall and the rest of the plant will begin to thrive.


Water Your Poinsettia Correctly
A poinsettia doesn’t take a whole lot of maintenance to be happy. However, it’s pretty picky about the amount of water it receives. Keep the soil evenly moist by thoroughly watering it and checking the soil regularly to ensure it’s not still moist when you water it again. If your poinsettia is potted in a planter with a drainage hole – it should be – it’s important to empty the tray beneath it once the plant has drained. It’s not good for the plant to sit in that stagnant water. If you’re displaying the plant in the foil-wrapped pot that it came in, simply poke a few holes in the bottom and place the pot in a tray so it can drain. Don’t fertilize the plant while there are still flowers blooming. If you plan to keep the plant in hopes of it blossoming again next year, you can fertilize it once all of the petals have dropped.


Place Your Poinsettia in the Right Spot
While a poinsettia is pretty resilient, there are places that are better for the plant than others. For example, though the poinsettia may do alright on your desk at work, it’ll thrive much better near a window that lets in bright, but indirect light. It’s also important to put them in an area that doesn’t shift much in temperature. For example, a cold windowsill, a warm radiator or heat vent can all damage the leaves and cause them to fall off. Though these plants are at their peak in the wintertime, they’re very sensitive to cold air. On the trek from the store to your home, make sure the plant is as covered as possible, guarding it from the winter air. This is why these plants are all wrapped up when they’re delivered to you.

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