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Spoil the kids’ teacher this year

Back to school is no fun for most children and their families and the idea of being stuck in a classroom for the next 180 days can be hard to take for teachers as well. Although spirits are generally lifted as soon as the kids meet and greet with their friends, another great way to break the ice is for your child to bring his or her teacher a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Apples, notebooks and other classroom products are typically the gifts most teachers receive from new students, and although these are nice, they may not be the most exciting. Giving out thank you gifts that consist of lovely flowers not only offers a teacher a “job well done” for his or her hard work, but also helps add a bit of life to the classroom.

This type of gift may be even more special if a teacher has really helped your child thrive in certain subjects. An arrangement like Teleflora’s Good Luck Bamboo may be suitable for such an occasion. This lovely collection of bamboo comes in a stunning contemporary cube vase made out of bamboo and the plant is surrounded by soothing river rocks that are sure to add tranquility to the space.

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