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Share Your Best Flower Pictures on Social Media Day

Social Media Day, which happens every year on June 30, was launched in 2010 as a celebration of the way social media allows us to communicate across any distance and join global conversations. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help people stay connected with one another in a way that hasn't been possible before in history – nowadays, you can send a message to a long-distance relative or connect with someone you haven't spoken to in years. Plus, social media provides a platform for everyone to show off their lives, passions and interests.

If you're a flower lover, you may already be following some amazing florist social media pages to get inspiration for your own gardens and arrangements. This year on Social Media Day, show off your floral skills by posting some of your own beautiful and inspiring pictures! Not sure how to take floral pictures? Here are a few basic tips you can use on June 30:

Choose the Best Background
When photographing anything, the background is a huge factor. But for flowers especially, a cluttered background or one that's the wrong color can make it much more difficult to see the subject of the photo: the pretty flowers. If you're photographing a cut arrangement, move it to a spot where there's a plain-colored background in a contrasting hue that will make the flowers stand out. When photographing your garden, play with shooting from different angles to find the background that works best.

Consider the Lighting
Lighting is another important aspect of any type of photography, but with floral arrangements, it can make the difference between a photo that's overblown with brightness, shadowy and hard to see or the perfect in-between. When photographing your garden, try to do it on overcast days – full sunshine is a bit too bright to capture the flowers' colors and features. In your home, try to find an area you can manipulate so you're getting soft light that won't cast a lot of shadows.

Get Detailed
The most stunning floral photos are those where you can see every tiny detail of the flower, from the bottom of the stem to the end of each petal. To capture as many details as possible, get on the flowers' levels and photograph them from that perspective. In fact, whether you're taking a shot of a single flower or your entire garden, experiment with different perspectives to see which ones give you the coolest results.

Take Your Time
Floral photography is a lot of fun, so take your time and enjoy the process – you'll likely be reminded of just how stunning each flower and plant in your garden is. And remember to keep track of the names of each type of flower so you can include the details in your social media posts! 

If you're planning on posting some of your favorite floral photos on Social Media Day, don't forget to tag Teleflora in your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts!

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