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Safe Flowers for Cats and Dogs

Most pet owners know there are some plants and flowers that will make their pet sick. Since it’s practically impossible to guarantee your furry friend won’t chow down on your leafy decor, having pet-safe plants is a must. However, some cat and dog parents simply skip plants and floral displays altogether.
Fortunately, you don’t have to go this route. If you get arrangements that feature these pet safe flowers, you won’t have to worry about Fluffy or Fido discovering a poisonous midnight snack. These flowers and plants will make your home look stunning and keep your pets safe from harm:


Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis orchids, also known as moth orchids, are one of the neatest plants you can have in your home. Unlike some of their more complicated orchid cousins, Phalaenopsis are delightfully easy to grow. It’s best to water these plants in the morning, either once a week or when the potting medium feels dry. They’re low-light orchids, so any window where they’re not exposed directly to the sun will treat them well. Since they’re pet-safe, you don’t have to worry too much if the best window is Fluffy’s favorite seat – your cat or dog can coexist in harmony with this flower. Teleflora’s Opulent Orchids planter is a great way to get started with this beautiful bloom.


Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies’ bright color and plethora of variation make them a fan favorite at most florists. The fact that they’re non-toxic to cats and dogs should make them a must-have for pet parents, as well. Because you can get these flowers in so many different hues, you can use them to create an arrangement for any mood or occasion. Their bright, sunny look will bring happiness to nearly any room.



If you’re looking to declare your love for the cat or dog owner in your life, you can’t go wrong with roses. Not only are these flowers the quintessential blooms of romance, they’re perfectly pet-safe. All you have to watch out for when it comes to roses are their sidekicks – many bouquets are also filled with baby’s breath, which is not safe for cats and dogs. Other fillers, like white limonium – used in the Make Me Blush Bouquet – can create the same varied look without putting your love’s furry friend in harm.


Possible Poisoning?

If your cat or dog displays the following symptoms after coming into contact or ingesting an unknown plant, they may have been poisoned:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Drooling more than usual
  • Excessive thirst and frequent urination
  • Change in regular heartbeat – fast, slow or arrhythmic


If you’re worried your cat or dog might have eaten a flower that could hurt them, or if you know they’ve ingested a harmful plant, take them to an emergency veterinarian. If you have access to it, bring along some of the suspected plant. Identifying the source of the problem is a vital step in returning your pet to good health. The faster you are able to get your cat or dog into a vet’s care, the more likely they are to return to their happy, healthy selves.

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