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Pick the Perfect Bouquet of Flowers for Your College Student

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For many high school graduates, August is a time of big transition when they move out of their homes and make their way to college. This is one of the most exciting times in students lives, but for both college freshmen and their parents, this change can be very difficult. For parents, having their child move away is often both sad and scary, but it’s important to remember that students still need the support of their families as they begin the next chapter in their lives. That’s why care packages are such an amazing idea. If you have a teenager heading off to college in the fall, use these tips to put together a combined bouquet and care package gift that you can send to him or her:

Choose a Bouquet

Why send flowers to your college student? Well, flowers have long been known to increase happiness, and they’re also a longstanding way of showing someone love, care and thoughtfulness. Go for a bouquet with bright, seasonal blooms, such as sunflowers, dahlias, mums or roses. Also, keep in mind that arrangements don’t have to come in a vase – they can also be sent in a mug, a basket or another container your college student may be able to make use of.

Teleflora’s Be Happy Bouquet comes in a cute yellow happy face mug and the Sunny Day Pitcher of Daisies arrangement is paired with a pretty ceramic pitcher. Both bouquets can be hand-delivered straight to your student’s door.

Sunny Day Pitcher of Daisies
Be Happy Mug Bouquet

Opt for a Plant

If flowers aren’t really your teenager’s thing, plants make great gifts as well since they can add some nice decor and a bit of life to a college dorm. Send teenagers easy-maintenance plants like cacti, succulents and bamboo.

Include Some Extras

Flowers and plants are amazing gifts for your son or daughter, but he or she will also probably appreciate some extra stuff in the care package. When college students are living alone for the first time, a package with some necessities from mom and dad can be very exciting – here are some things that any college student will love to receive:

  • Food: Send some homemade items you know your teenager loves, or opt for pre-packaged snack foods that travel easily and aren’t perishable. Just make sure you package items carefully so that they don’t become crushed in transit.
  • Treats: Chocolates, cookies and other treats are fail-safe gifts that anyone will be happy to receive, so include at least a few of those in your package.
  • Dorm items: Decorations and other dorm-related items are fun as well – even a simple framed photograph of the family is a cute addition to a welcome-to-college care package and can be easily placed on a dorm windowsill or desk. Posters, pennants and other easy-to-send are fun ideas as well.
  • School supplies: Your child may not be headed back to high school, but no back-to-school package would be complete without some school supplies – even in college. Send some nice pens, notebooks, folders and anything else you think your student will need.
  • Things they’ll miss from home: If your student moved out of state, consider sending some items that can only be found in your hometown. Local snacks or knick-knacks are a perfect way to say hello from back home and your son or daughter will really appreciate the gesture.

Consider Your Message

When sending a bouquet or care package, of course you should include a card! Parents should write thoughtful – but not too sappy – messages to their college students, showing excitement, support and love.


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