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How to host a Valentine’s Day party

When most people think about Valentine’s Day, spending time with their significant other tends to come to mind. However, who said you can’t get all your friends together to enjoy the holiday of love in a fun setting? Here are the best ways to host an unforgettable Valentine’s Day soiree:

Love-inspired snacks
Some of the most important aspects of hosting a great party have to do with the food and drinks that are served. Since your party will fall on the day of love, it might be fun to have your food represent this idea. Making chocolate covered strawberries, heart shaped cookies and more is sure to boost the atmosphere, while serving some bubbly might be another nice gesture. 

Play games
If everyone at your party is going to have a plus one, it might be fun to play a game that tests how well each person knows one another. Make a list of questions and get two small whiteboards that each person will use to write their answers down. 

Boost the atmosphere with flowers
Nothing says it’s February 14 quite like Valentine’s Day flowers, so be sure to have a few centerpieces on display. An elegant bouquet like Love and Devotion – Long Stemmed Roses is sure to make guests speechless upon arrival.

Love and Devotion - Long Stemmed Roses

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