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Fun and Spooky Halloween Party Ideas

It’s the time of year to finish brainstorming your Halloween costume. Maybe you plan on attending a few parties on the weekends before and after the holiday. Or, perhaps you’re throwing your own shindig. Whether it’s a children’s party or an adults-only event, we’ve provided fun and spooky Halloween party ideas to please all age groups.

Scary Snacks

No party is complete without a snack table. Whip up some cute and creepy Halloween desserts, like “dirt” cups, bat donuts, candied apples and Halloween trail mix, with candy corn and candy pumpkins. And don’t forget the big basket of candy! These are just a few of the sweet and spooky Halloween party ideas to consider for the treat assortment.

Beastly Beverages

For an adult Halloween party, craft some fun, festive cocktails. You don’t have to be a vampire to crave a blood-red martini, flavored with blackcurrant juice. Shaking an activated charcoal capsule into any cocktail gives it a smoky taste and jet-black color. You can also combine orange and lemon juices, pumpkin purée, sparkling water, cinnamon sticks and spiced rum to make a delicious pumpkin punch. If you want to opt for a different seasonal crowd-pleaser, apple cider mimosas are refreshing and perfect for fall.

Enchanting Entertainment

When it comes to children’s parties, providing activities to keep them busy is crucial to ensuring they have a good time. If you’re looking for fun and spooky Halloween party ideas for games, it’s time to get creative. “Pin the Bowtie on the Skeleton” brings out kids’ competitive edge. Freeze Dance is even more fun when the kids dance like the characters they are dressed as. A guessing game, like having each child guess how many candy corn pieces are in a bowl, can have one child leaving with an extra goodie bag. Activities you joined in as a child, like bobbing for apples and donut-eating contests, are also timeless.

You don’t have to be a child to partake in party games. Although adults don’t need as much structure as children, adding some fun games to adult Halloween parties can make for a fun, memorable night. Set up a partnered Halloween scavenger hunt, in which groups have to find different items off the list from around the party. The winning team gets a bottle of wine. Horror movie trivia cards around the party can keep the conversation flowing, especially among guests who don’t know each other. If you’re feeling ambitious, throw a murder mystery-themed party, assigning guests different characters and providing clues to help them discover which party guest is the “murderer.” This spooky Halloween party idea can be the one that keeps your guests coming back for years to come!

Deadly Decorations

The most important part of setting the scene of your Halloween party is decorating your space. Hang fake cobwebs throughout the home and across windows. Create an autumnal vase by hollowing a pumpkin and placing a vase full of flowers into it. You can even light some of your eeriest looking candles throughout your home. If you don’t want to make your own, we have plenty of spooktacular bouquets to dress up your home.

Ghoulish Goodies

Don’t allow your guests to leave empty-handed. Make some fun, spooky goodie bags filled with candy, spider rings and fake eyeballs. That’s not all. Provide your guests with an incentive to dress up. Set up a costume runway and “fashion show” for guests to display their looks in front of the whole group. Best-dressed gets a trophy, most creative costume gets a special treat and so on.

Big or small, old or young, Halloween is a time to have fun before the stress of the holiday season begins! Use these fun and spooky Halloween party ideas to your advantage as you prepare for the sweets and treats. 

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