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Choose flowers of love this Valentine’s Day

Love will soon be in the air, since Valentine’s Day is now less than two weeks away. This means it’s crunch time for guys to figure out what they’ll get their gals on this special occasion. Since flowers are a great way to go, it might be nice to know which varieties are meant to symbolize love. Luckily, Yahoo! Voices broke down the top flowers of romance. Here are few to remember:

These pretty flowers not only come in an array of colors, but also symbolize romance. In fact, the gladiolus might be perfect for a new romance since they signify instant love, or love at first sight. 

Orchids have long represented feelings of love and romance thanks to their delicate look and need to be cared for. In any good relationship, the bond has to be more than just a physical attraction, the two people must also be willing to comprise and nurture the relationship to see it bloom.

Red roses
When in doubt, don’t hesitate to purchase Valentine’s Day roses like Passion’s Heart Rose Bouquet by Teleflora for your love. Even though roses can be symbolic of a number of feelings, red versions are thought of as a flower of love, while white signifies true love for eternity, according to the news source.

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Passion's Heart Red Roses Bouquet

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