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Bright Flowers to Celebrate the First Day of Summer

June 21st marks the first day of summer and what better way to celebrate than with a fresh bouquet of stunning flowers? Summer means warmer days in the sun and fresh air all around, and a lively arrangement can bring that feeling into your home. Flowers don’t only add a touch of beauty to any space, however. They also freshen the air, improve people’s moods and create a relaxed atmosphere. Keep your spirits high all summer with an arrangement that you love.

If you’re looking for the perfect bouquet of bright flowers to adorn your home this summer, here are some of our favorites to consider:

Bright and Bold Flowers to Match the Season

Bring the sunny days into your home with Teleflora’s Summer Chic bouquet. With light orange roses, orange Asiatic lilies, hot pink dahlias and hot pink carnations, this sizzling summer arrangement is the floral equivalent of a beach sunset in July. These colorful blooms are the perfect way to brighten any of your favorite spaces this summer.

Or, consider Summer Nights by Teleflora to bring a pop of vivid color to your home this sunny season. This radiant bouquet includes orange Asiatic lilies, orange alstroemeria, yellow cushion spray chrysanthemums, solidago and orange spray roses accented with assorted greenery — delivered in a blue contemporary glass cube vase. Everyone can enjoy this brilliant array of hot summer flowers, and they’ll surely catch your eye every time you see them.

Classic Elegance Never Goes Out of Style

While an arrangement of dazzling colors can quickly bring that warm summer feeling to your favorite spaces, you can never go wrong with something classic and simple. If you’re looking for less color but still want that beautiful floral touch, consider Teleflora’s Desert Sunrise Bouquet. This modern mix of flowers features peach roses, white Asiatic lilies, peach miniature carnations, and white stock,  accented with pitta Negra, dusty miller and a green echeveria succulent. Reminiscent of a desert sunrise, these simply beautiful flowers are a great option for summer.

Another classic arrangement you might consider is Teleflora’s Arrive In Style bouquet. With light pink roses, white Asiatic lilies, white alstroemeria and white cushion spray chrysanthemums — mixed with white statice and variegated pittosporum — this exquisite bouquet creates an air of grace and elegance. These pastel favorites are a blend of simplicity and beauty that you’ll love this summer.

Lucious Houseplants for a Touch of Greenery

With the sun in full effect, it’s also a great time to consider adorning your home with stunning houseplants. Lush options like Teleflora’s Forever Green Plant Garden or Medium Dish Garden can help you bring the outdoors in as the summer season approaches. These miniature gardens of living plants feature dracaena, variegated ivy, maidenhair fern and more to freshen up any room in the house.

The days are getting warmer and more full of life, and with summer arriving, there’s never been a better time to adorn your home with flowers and houseplants to match the mood. Explore more of our favorite summer flowers today.

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