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Breath fresh air with green plants

Fall is a great time for people to indulge in hikes to check out the foliage or to breathe in fresh air. However, with autumn comes colder weather and soon you'll be shut in your home, cuddled up in blankets. Although the colder months are great for family time, it can get a bit stuffy with the heat on. However, adding green plants to your home can help keep the air fresh.

Not only do green plants help bring new oxygen into the space, they also offer a reminder of the warmer months to come. It can be nice to take care of greenery during the months when the most prominent colors are white and gray.

Green plants like the Small Garden Dish by Teleflora may be the perfect addition to any room in your home. This collection of living potted plants including dracaena sanderiana, variegated ivy, palm, variegated peperomia and green philodendron are sure to spruce up your kitchen, living room or dining room. The plants come in a gorgeous green ceramic dish that is neutral enough to work with all home decor. 

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