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Best Gifts to Bring Your Significant Other’s Family

This holiday season, you might be planning on going over to visit your significant other’s parents for the first time. This is an important step in your relationship. There’s a strong chance that their parents’ opinions mean a lot to them; that’s why it’s important to create a lasting first impression from the moment you walk through the door to the moment you leave. You shouldn’t show up to their home empty-handed. Getting a present is a small gesture that makes a large impact. If you’re stumped on what to get your special someone’s family, check out our list of thoughtful gift ideas:


When in Doubt, Flowers

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, colorful bouquet in their house? The most surefire way to create a lasting impression with your significant other’s family is by bringing a nice floral arrangement. You might want to get some nice seasonal winter flowers, in delicate shades of white. For added creativity, look up the meaning of the flowers you plan on giving them. Try to give them flowers that represent friendship, beauty, gratitude and happiness. You might want to leave behind the red roses (which symbolize true love) and yellow carnations (suggesting disappointment). No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that you offered a kind gesture to these new people in your life. Even after you leave their home, they will think about how thoughtful you are whenever they catch a glimpse of the gorgeous blooms from across the room.


Homemade Treats

If you’re meeting your significant other’s parents for dinner, bring over a delicious homemade dessert. Even if you’re going out with them, bring along a goodie bag with homemade cookies, brownies and candies. They will be impressed by your kindness, as well as your amazing baking skills. Make sure you check with your partner whether or not they have any allergies or dietary restrictions before making anything.


A Dainty Christmas Ornament

If your significant other’s parents celebrate Christmas, an ornament is a cute, seasonal gift that you can give them. You might decide to make it yourself using crafts products around your home. Feel free to check Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiration! If you’re not the craftiest person,/; buy a beautiful ornament from a local shop. Instead of giving them something they can’t fit in their home, bring them something they can stick right onto an open branch on their tree.


Dish Out the Love

You may not want to get something that might clash with their home decor. Instead, bring over a personalized cheese plate or serving dish. You might decide to get a piece of dishware that has their initials on it, or maybe you’d rather get them something interesting that you’ve heard about them. For example, if you know that they went on a trip to Italy and fell in love with it, get a bowl that includes the Italian flag and statement images related to a region they visited. This is a great idea if you want to give something they will use and that will last them a long time.


An Indulgent, Quality Bottle of Wine

We don’t expect you to break the bank when selecting a bottle of wine to bring over to your significant other’s parents’ home for the first time. Stay within a specific budget—we’d recommend spending between $15-20—and pick a type of wine that everyone will enjoy. Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend for advice on what to get; they will most likely know what their parents like and don’t like.


A Sipable Gift for the Non-Drinkers

If your partner’s parents don’t drink, you might want to offer something nonalcoholic that you can all enjoy upon your arrival. If you’d like something warm, bring along a hot chocolate kit, equipped with cocoa mix and marshmallows, or hot apple cider. If you want a refreshing beverage, come to their home with some non-alcoholic eggnog, mocktail mixes or cold cider. If you’re meeting them during the day, bring along some cold brew coffee or homemade lemonade.


Don’t stress out too much about the gift you bring, it’s the thought that counts. We are sure they will like whatever you bring along with you!

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