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Best Flowers For Bridesmaids’ Hair Dos

Best Flowers For Bridesmaids’ Hair Dos

Nothing says romance quite like a beautifully placed bloom. Incorporate flowers into your wedding day plans by weaving them into your bridesmaids' carefully arranged coiffures. Some flowers pack a visual punch on their own, and some buds look best in a bunch. Here is some information to make choosing and styling your friends' 'dos for your big day as effortless as possible.

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Flower staying power

Heavy buds are hard to keep in your hair, and the last thing you want is wedding photos with your bridesmaids fixing their 'dos or looking disheveled. Opt for an arrangement that has staying power. Peonies are a popular flower that have been blooming at weddings recently. The pretty petals and soft colors of these beautiful blossoms are perfect for a bridal party. Arrange a plump peony in a messy, boho side braid to make a real statement. Or tuck one behind your ear and let your locks flow free for a romantic feel. Make sure to stash some extra pins in your bridesmaids' handbags to ensure you and your friends will have a picture-perfect look the whole day.

Preserve those pretty petals

To keep your flowers looking their freshest on your special day, store them in a refrigerator or cooler until you're ready to use them. Touch up your hairstyle with a mist of hairspray one last time before you tuck the flowers in, because the alcohol and polymers in hair sprays can damage delicate blossoms. If you've chosen to wear a large bloom, snip the stem to one inch and pierce it with a U-shaped hairpin to stick into your hairstyle. For smaller blooms that grow in clusters along a single stem, like asters, wrap the main stem around a bun, and fasten with hairpins at 1-inch intervals. Small individual blossoms like spray roses can be affixed with a dainty decorative hairpin, pierced through the flower's center and stuck into your hair.

Best blooms for the big day

No matter what theme you've chosen for your wedding day, be it rustic, modern, quirky or classic, there is a flower to fit. Some options that are tried and true include dainty, colorful spray roses or bright and beautiful freesia. Daisies and orchids woven into your hair create a gorgeous look. Asiatic lilies infuse a pop of color into your style, and baby's breath is the perfect, delicate addition to any bridal style.

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