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From Baby Shower Flowers to Games – Etiquette For Your Next Baby Shower

There’s no better way to celebrate a new life – and a new mom – than by throwing a baby shower. These time-honored traditions help families acquire everything they need to welcome their bundles of joy and are a great “last hurrah” before entering the hectic stage of having a newborn.

While baby showers have been staples of the American culture since the early part of the 20th Century, the etiquette and traditions associated with them have evolved over time. Do you need to bring baby shower flowers? Can your husband come? The rules have changed for guests and hosts alike, so if it’s been a while since your last shower experience, you may want to brush up on celebratory protocol. Here are a few tips on baby shower etiquette for guests and hosts:

Etiquette for Baby Shower Guests:

Don’t arrive empty handed
One of the main purposes of baby showers is to “shower” the expectant mother with all the tools and items she’ll need to take care of her new child. As such, you should always arrive with a gift in tow. Shower hosts often create gift registries for their guests of honor, and it’s appreciated when guests stick to these suggestions. Registries are typically baby-focused, however, and it is nice to bring a little something that’s only for Mom. After all, she’s been carrying a baby for the past nine months – she deserves a treat!

Baby shower flowers are an excellent way to send a message of love and congratulations and infuse the guest of honor’s home with some bright, natural cheer. Choose from our New Baby flowers collection the next time you’re searching for the perfect shower present.

Leave husbands at home – unless otherwise instructed
Baby showers have traditionally been women-only affairs, but many modern moms are changing up this custom and including their male spouses, friends, and family members in the celebrations. Not all showers have embraced the co-ed invite list, however, so don’t bring a male guest unless the invitation indicates it’s alright.

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Etiquette for Baby Shower Hosts:

Keep the party’s purpose in mind
It’s easy to get carried away when planning a party, especially when you’re over the moon about the pregnancy of a friend or family member. To avoid going overboard, keep in mind that the day is about celebrating motherhood, and the desires of the mom (and baby) of honor should be respected. Avoid serving too many foods – like sushi, alcohol and certain cheeses – that pregnant women avoid, and keep the decor in line with the theme. Flowers as a new baby gift are a gorgeous and easy way to enhance the party space.

Don’t play games unless everyone’s game
Shower games can be a polarizing issue – some people love their ability to spark friendly competition and keep conversations going, while others would rather just mingle and chat at their leisure. Before planning any activities, get a feel for which side of the debate the mom-to-be is on. If she’s on the fence, look into non-traditional games that can break the ice without bringing down the mood.

These are only a few tips on baby shower etiquette for guests and hosts. Just remember to keep the new mom and baby in mind the entire time. It’s a party all about them!

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