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8 Romantic Ways to Propose in December

December is a month meant for romance, with its ubiquitous white snow and pretty twinkling lights, and the cold weather that keeps people snuggling up with each other indoors. So what month could be more perfect for a romantic proposal? If you're planning on getting down on one knee this month, here are eight romantic ways to propose in December:

1. By the Christmas Tree
Of all the possible Christmas proposals, one of the most romantic involves your fiance-to-be finding the ring among the other ornaments on the tree. Choose a beautiful ornament that symbolizes your relationship, tie the ring to it with ribbon, and place it on the tree. On Christmas morning, show her your new favorite ornament, then get on one knee when she notices the ring.

2. In a Gift
Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, putting the engagement ring inside of a present is a classic proposal that any girl would love. Gather boxes of varying sizes, then put one inside of the other, with the ring box in the very middle. She'll be fooled by the gift's size, but will get more and more excited as she unwraps each box on her way to the most important one.

3. By the Fireplace
Proposals don't have to be in front of an audience to be special and beautiful. Plan an evening at home with your honey, cook her a delicious meal, and eat it together by the fire. Play games, talk and laugh, and when you're both feeling full of good food and content with each other, pull out the ring. The moment will be intimate and unforgettable. 

4. Midnight on New Year's Eve
If there's ever a time for promises and resolutions, it's New Year's Eve. Host a New Year's Eve party with some close friends and family members and spend the night enjoying the company of your loved ones. During the last couple of minutes before midnight, face your sweetie and tell her the reasons you love her. Then get on one knee and ask if she'll be a part of your New Year's resolution to marry her. Make sure you finish it in time to give her a New Year's kiss!

5. In the Snow
Take advantage of the beautiful season for your romantic proposal! Find a pretty snowy spot and walk to it, or even take a snowy carriage ride around the city to set up the romantic moment. The cold weather will keep you and your girlfriend huddled together the entire time, and then the excitement of the proposal will warm you both up.

6. Destination Proposal
If you're going somewhere warmer to break up the cold season, it's the perfect time to ask your girlfriend to marry you. Destination proposals will make the trip that much more exciting, and you'll have so much fun sharing the story with all of your friends when you get home. 

7. With White Roses
White roses are the flower of the season because they're commonly used for holiday decorations and winter weddings. Plus, nothing says love and romance like a rose! Buy your girlfriend a gorgeous bouquet of white roses like Teleflora's Recipe for Romance. Present her with the bouquet at dinner and tell her why you've chosen white roses specifically. When she feels the romance, get down on one knee!

8. Get Some Help
If either of you has kids, your future fiance will love if you make the proposal a family affair. Set up a room in the house with flowers and romantic music, and make signs for each member of the family to hold that say "Will you marry me?" When your girlfriend comes home, get everyone prepared. She'll be surprised and excited when everyone's a part of the special moment!

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