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8 nontraditional flowers that your girlfriend will love

8 nontraditional flowers that your girlfriend will love

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, there's no doubt that flowers are on the minds of many boyfriends, husbands and even secret admirers. After all, a bouquet of blooms is traditionally one of the most popular gifts on this holiday. Still, who says that you have to get red roses for this occasion? The idea is to give her an arrangement that is as unique and special as she is. So this year, try going an alternative route and choosing some non-traditional flowers that demonstrate your appreciation in an different way. Even if you have another idea for a Valentine's Day gift, these bouquets are still a great way to surprise your sweetheart and show you care.

Here are eight unusual blooms to consider:

  1. White daisy chrysanthemums – These pure white flowers are perfect for a cheerful lady in your life. Plus, when complemented with red carnations and fresh greenery, they still look perfectly festive for the holiday.
  2. Pink tulips – For the hopeless romantic, pink tulips are ideal. These blooms have a demure and feminine vibe and are especially appropriate at this time of year since Spring is right around the corner. Along with delicate white alstroemeria and variegated pittosporum, you have a bouquet that will blossom as remarkably as your love for each other.
  3. White roses – There is something innately breathtaking about white roses, which evoke the image of a charming country cottage with their snowy petals. Mixed with delicate lavender waxflower and green pitta negra, these flowers look particularly fetching. Consider a bouquet that features a satin ribbon for some extra flair.
  4. Lilies – Some girls like to make a bold statement with their style and their attitude. Go for a topiary bouquet of enormous pink asiatic lilies, pale pink carnations, variegated pittosporum and white statice in a white French country pot for this kind of girlfriend. Such an over-the-top arrangement will definitely show that she's your one and only. Or, you could go an all white route with asiatic lilies, alstroemeria, miniature carnations and hydrangeas – a safe bet that's bound to bring a smile to her face. Stargazer lilies are equally stunning, and come in rich hues like magenta and wine, making them a great match for Valentine's Day lilies.
  5. Gerbera daisies – Fashion-forward women are always ahead of the curve, so a traditional bouquet simply won't do. Opt for mini Gerbera daisies in bright hues like pink and orange, which are definitely an eye-catching alternative to the typical choices. Add in yellow carnations, lush green hydrangeas and green button mums and you have an eccentric bouquet that is as trendy as your special someone. Taffeta ribbon and raffia can provide a stylish finishing touch to this vibrant arrangement.
  6. Purple tulips – Purple is the color of passion, so you can't go wrong with tulips in this hue for Valentine's Day. These blossoms will serve as a constant reminder of your devotion, and are a refreshing change from the typical pink and red blooms on this holiday. Plus, purple symbolizes royalty, so a bouquet in this color suggests that you consider your lady to be a cut above the rest.
  7. Gardenias – These lovely blossoms don't just look beautiful – they also smell heavenly. Their enchanting shape and elegant white color make them a good choice for a lady with refined tastes.
  8. Orchids – When it comes to flowers, you cannot get more exotic than orchids. The best part about these striking blooms? They can last for weeks at a time, meaning they'll bring your girlfriend joy far past when the holiday is over.

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