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5 Ways to Spend Mother’s Day After Mom Has Passed

Mother's Day is meant as a joyous occasion to celebrate the special women who have shaped our lives. However, it can be tough for those who have lost their mother – especially if this is the first Mother's Day since her passing. Celebrating your mom on this day is still possible, though, and it's a special way to honor the times you shared together. Whether you're an adult looking for ways to celebrate a deceased mother, or you and your children are looking for ways to spend the holiday after their mom's passing, we have five suggestions for how to spend Mother's Day:

1. Plant a Tree
The reason planting a tree (or even a perennial plant or flower that will come back year after year) is such a great idea is that you'll be able to watch it grow and thrive over a long period of time. It can act as a sort of living memory of the person you loved, providing a comforting reminder of her. If you wish to plant a tree on Mother's Day, look for balled-and-burlapped trees at your local flower or plant store. Some lovely perennials that will thrive when planted on Mother's Day include peonies, irises and crocuses. If it's still too cold where you live to plant a flower just yet, pick one out and leave it in the container until it's warm enough to transfer to the garden.

2. Make Her Favorite Meal
Make Mother's Day a family celebration by working as a team to cook your mom's favorite meal together. Even smaller children can help toss salad or stir sauce if they want to be a part of it. Then, you can all sit down together and share your favorite memories of your mom. You'll love spending the time reminiscing together.

3. Use Flowers
Flowers are a lovely way to celebrate a mother who's passed away, and they can be used in a variety of different ways to commemorate the day. Did your mom have a favorite flower? If so, decorate with it, placing an arrangement on the dining table or in the kitchen. Or, take a bouquet to her grave. You can also send bouquets to other family members in her honor. If you have siblings or another parent who lives out of state, sending flowers can help you reach out and show support for them.

4. Write Her a Letter
Writing can be very therapeutic, so writing a letter to your mom is a good way to spend Mother's Day. Tell her about your life, and write down some of the things you love about her. Putting it on paper may make you feel better. You can even leave it at her grave or in a special location you shared with her.

5. Pay It Forward
A great way to honor your mom is by using Mother's Day as an opportunity to pay it forward. Donate your time or money to a women's shelter or a charity she particularly loved. You can even simply reach out to other mothers in your life to tell them how much they are appreciated.

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