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4 Reasons to Add Succulents to Your Home

Making your home more lively can give you the positivity boost you need to thrive right now. Keeping your house clean, redecorating, and letting the natural light in are a few of the different ways you can achieve the liveliness you may be craving while you’re stuck inside.

Filling your room with houseplants is another great example of how you can brighten up space and your mood simultaneously. Succulents, specifically, make a great houseplant for those looking for an option that’s stylish, requires little care and can look absolutely flawless no matter the time of year.

Here are four benefits of adding succulents to your home:

Benefits of Succulents

  1. They’re a Great Houseplant Year-Round

Many houseplants and floral arrangements are seasonal, which means they can only thrive in certain temperatures and climate conditions. The great thing about succulents, however, is their ability to last in your home no matter the month. With very little maintenance and attention, they can thrive for months/years to come!

  1. They’re Low-Maintenance

Some people tend to shy away from bringing houseplants into their living spaces because of the work that comes with keeping them alive. That’s one of the reasons succulents are for everyone – even people who have trouble maintaining traditional houseplants – because most of them only need care a few times a month, depending on the variety. Other than some minor adjustments for sun exposure and monthly watering, your succulents can be mostly left alone.

  1. They Help Purify the Air

Succulents have the ability to do more good for your well-being than you’d expect. Succulents and plants help cleanse the air from smells and can increase the oxygen production in a room. So in addition to being a mood boost, you may just notice a fresher smell in your house after displaying your plants. 

  1. They Make a Great Modern Statement

Succulents are incredibly popular right now and have been for years, according to Curbed. Browse Instagram for #succulents and you’ll see tons of gorgeous pictures with cactus, zebra plant, desert rose, moonstones and more varieties. Bring these plants into your home and you can take those Insta-worthy pictures as well.

Shop Teleflora’s Succulents

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