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4 Most Popular Seasonal Flowers for April This Spring

April is in full swing, which means the flowers are blooming everywhere you look. While it might not feel 100% like spring yet, we are certainly getting close. In celebration, we wanted to share with you the most popular seasonal flowers for April. These are must-have flowers to include in your home that will add the perfect pops of color and scent to your home or office. Here are the four most popular April spring flowers to buy this season:

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas top the list as the April birth month flower. These darling blooms look delicate but pack a fragrant punch. In fact, their name is inspired by their sweet aroma. Available in shades of pink, lavender and even violet, sweet peas are associated with bliss, pleasure and delicacy. These seasonal flowers for April make for a lovely addition to spring bouquets, adding movement and color.


It’s difficult to think of flowers that are more quintessential examples of spring than tulips. These beautiful blooms are available starting in March and come in a rainbow of colors. Their iconic look features goblet-shaped petals and thick stems. As with other flowers, tulips carry different messages with each color. Yellow tulips mean cheerfulness or joy, red tulips are associated with perfect love, purple tulips are affiliated with royalty and white tulips are the perfect expression of forgiveness. Choose your tulip bouquet based on the message you want to convey.

For a bright design that expresses love, passion and royalty, consider Teleflora’s Passionate Purple Tulips bouquet. With brilliant purple blooms in a simple glass vase, this arrangement features seasonal flowers for April you can’t ignore. If you’re looking for a more lighthearted option, Teleflora’s Sunny Yellow Tulips bouquet is the warm-color companion to the first arrangement. Its saturated color will bring light and joy to any of your favorite spaces.

Gerberas (Gerbera Daisies)

If you’re looking for stunning hues from your spring flowers, consider gerberas. With layers of small petals arranged around a center pistil, these merry blooms are available in red, orange, white, pink and yellow, as well as some pastel shades. These flowers are the perfect symbol of happiness, purity and innocence.

The Fashionista Blooms bouquet from Teleflora offers pink gerberas alongside yellow and pink roses, yellow carnations and green hydrangea for a colorful ensemble that invites warm weather. These seasonal flowers for April are arranged in a concave glass vase and finished with ribbon to add a touch of beauty anywhere in your home.


Carnations are all-occasion flowers that add texture and color to bouquets. What’s more, these flowers come in both bright and subtle hues, making them a perfect match for just about any arrangement or space. Each shade represents a specific type of love, with white carnations symbolizing pure love and good luck, pink carnations representing a mother’s love and red carnations embodying profound love and connection.

Bring these impactful flowers into your home, or the home of a loved one, with Teleflora’s How Sweet It Is bouquet. This saturated arrangement includes hot pink, orange and red flowers all situated in a classic glass vase.

No matter which flower is your favorite, luscious arrangements can help you celebrate Spring the right way. You can also send flowers to a loved one and bring the joy of the season into their life. There’s nothing quite like getting a flower delivery from someone you love!

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