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4 Canada Day Celebration Ideas for July 1st

Canada Day is a holiday celebrated every year on July 1 to commemorate the country's independence from England. On July 1, 1867, the Constitution Act was signed, turning three colonies into one country: Canada. Now, Canadians get the day off of work to honor the country's birth! And as with any birthday, Canada's calls for some celebration. There are tons of fun ways to celebrate the exciting summer holiday, no matter where you live. Take a look at four celebration ideas for Canada Day this year:

1. Host a Canada Day Party
Because Canada Day falls on the first day of July, it typically boasts sunny, warm weather. So, what better day to host an outdoor party in your backyard? Barbecues are a common way to celebrate the holiday, but any party that allows people to spend outside will be a lot of fun. Make it a Canada theme by taking advantage of red and white decorations, foods and utensils. Try red punch for the little ones or sangria for the adults. 

If you're thinking of decorating with flowers for your party (as many do), you have tons of opportunities to use red and white blooms. Go for roses, carnations, mums, lilies, tulips or white peonies for seasonal arrangements that will fit in with your celebrations perfectly. Set up some of your blossoms in red or white vases, containers or mason jars for a pretty and casual table centerpiece for your patio.

2. Celebrate With Your Local Parade
Many communities in Canada celebrate the independence holiday by holding small parades or street festivals. These are a very fun way to spend the holiday, especially for families with smaller kids. Check out what your city or town has to offer on the holiday and plan on doing some celebrating with the rest of your community.

3. Visit a Big City
Bigger cities in Canada, like Ottawa or Toronto, also tend to have parades and festivals but on a larger scale. Canada Day is on a Wednesday this year, so take a day trip to a big city near you to participate part in the festivities. Depending on where you go, you'll likely be able to watch parades with big crowds, hear free concerts and even see some fireworks! Or, take a five-day weekend if you can get a couple of days off work, and use the opportunity for a mini vacation. 

4. Make Crafts With Your Kids
If you're planning on spending the day at home with the kids, doing some crafts can be a fun way to hang out as a family. Canadian flags are an easy craft for kids at any age, and they can be hung as decorations if you're having people over for dinner. Set up a paint zone, and draw two vertical black lines on a piece of white paper, separating the paper into thirds. Have your kids paint the outer thirds red. Then, instead of painting a maple leaf, color your children's hands with red paint and have them leave a hand print in the center of the flag. 

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