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3 Tips for Meeting Her Parents for the First Time

3 Tips for Meeting Her Parents for the First Time

If you're meeting your sweetheart's parents for the first time, chances are you're nervous. Don't worry, that's normal! Arm yourself against anxiety with a few tricks and tips to keep up your sleeve. One tried and true way to earn brownie points with her parents is to bring flowers. While choosing flower arrangements for this occasion can seem difficult, Teleflora is here to help you find a bouquet that is a perfect fit. Do some research to find out her mother's favorite color, or choose a stunning seasonal display. Keep a few of these tips in mind and you're sure to knock her parents' socks off.

Flowers always flatter

Lilies are a bold and beautiful option to bring along to meet the parents. These gorgeous flowers can be found in countless colors like bright, fiery orange or pretty and pink. Lilies are one of the most aesthetically brilliant blooms you can buy! Teleflora's Sunsplash bouquet is a fabulous choice, as it combines brilliant yellow Asiatic lilies with hot pink and orange roses. Fuchsia matsumoto asters are tucked in with lime green button spray chrysanthemums in a modern clear glass vase for a unique style that will wow her parents.

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Sunsplash Bouquet

Dress to impress

It might seem like common sense, but there are a few things to keep in mind when prepping to meet her parents. Make sure you know where you are going to meet them first. The last thing you want to do is to show up over or under dressed! Everything you wear should be clean and pressed. Go the extra mile by doing your laundry, ironing and dry-cleaning the night before, and folding or hanging your clothes up to ensure maximum cleanliness and minimal messiness. Pop a bright bloom in your lapel for a classic and charming addition to your ensemble. Daffodils are wonderful flowers that symbolize new friendships, and their cheerful yellow color is sure to make mom and dad smile. A classic rose boutonniere is another option that is stylish and sophisticated.

Make 'em laugh

No matter what, be ready with a smile when you meet her parents. Laughter is a great way to let down your guard and get comfortable with someone, so be ready with a harmless joke or a funny anecdote to share. When all else fails, you can talk about things that are sure to interest your honey's parents. If she mentioned their jobs are important to them, touch on that subject. You can't go wrong talking about her, either. Or, tell them about yourself, without hogging the limelight. You should assume they want to get to know you, so don't be shy! And if all else fails, talk about the flowers you brought along! You can easily learn some quick floral facts to throw out – like the history of a particular bloom, or the symbolism of its color – and that just might amaze them enough to invite you back.


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