Cornucopia Flower Arrangements

A symbol of the harvest, our horn-shaped wicker baskets overflowing with fall flowers are ideal autumn home décor for the buffet table, kitchen counter, coffee table or entryway. Hand-arranged and hand-delivered by a local florist. Read more

Cornucopias are made from horn-shaped wicker baskets

Although it's a traditional symbol of Thanksgiving, the cornucopia actually has its origins in Greek mythology. The Greek god Zeus was said to have broken off a horn from the goat Amalthea. As recompense, Zeus promised Amalthea that her horn would always overflow with nourishment from the harvest. Today, cornucopias are usually made from horn-shaped wicker baskets and filled with seasonal fall flowers, harvest wheat, rustic fruits and vegetables, mini-pumpkins, and gourds.

Order a flower arrangement in a cornucopia

A rustic cornucopia floral arrangement makes the perfect Thanksgiving table decoration. Our local florists hand-arrange and deliver the perfect festive Thanksgiving cornucopia to your turkey dinner. If some family members cannot attend your get-together and will be far away this holiday, a flower arrangement in a cornucopia will express your bountiful love. You simply can't go wrong with a lush, lovely "horn of plenty."

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