White Roses

Classy and elegant white roses represent all that is innocent, truthful and humble. Order a bouquet of white roses and have them florist-delivered the same-day to a residence or business.

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White roses delivered by a local florist

Perfect for weddings and engagements as they represent humility, purity and innocence. The white rose - often referred to as the bridal rose - is associated with young love. In Scotland, when the white rose bloomed in autumn, it was seen as a token of early marriage. Also symbolizing truth and reverence, it sends a message of loyalty and says "I am worthy of you." Fresh and pure white roses can also rekindle affections between longtime lovers.

In mythology Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, emerged at birth from the foaming sea. The sea foam fell from her and where it touched the earth, white roses started to grow. When she was older she ran to help her wounded lover Adonis and caught her flesh on the thorns of a white rose bush. Her blood turned the roses red. In mythology this displays the dual nature of love: purity and innocence is represented by the white roses, and the blood red roses represent the way innocence and purity change to experience and motherhood. For this reason white roses are used at weddings as they indicate purity and virginity, whereas the red rose speaks of passionate promises.