Pink Roses

Sweet and joyful, blushing pink roses are often associated with grace, innocence and happiness. A bouquet of pink roses is a welcome gift for many occasions. Florist delivered.

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Pink rose bouquets are delivered by a local florist

Pink roses come in many shades including blush, salmon, mauve, hot pink, cerise, baby pink and magenta. As opposed to red roses that represent passion, the pink rose expresses joy, affection, pride, gratitude, and symbolizes a gentle romance and beginning of a wonderful relationship. When you combine pink roses and white flowers together they symbolize youth, and innocence, so they are a perfect choice to send to little and new born baby girls.

Pink is the color most commonly associated with femininity. Did you know the color takes its name from the flowering plants called pinks? The name is derived from the frilled edge of the flower, not the color. The verb "to pink" means "to decorate with a perforated or punched pattern. In most Eurpoean languages, pink is called rose or rosa, after the rose flower.

Each arrangement of pink roses is hand-arranged by a local Teleflora florist, ensuring your gift arrives fresh, beautiful and ready to be enjoyed. If you order before 3pm, in you recipient's time zone, your pink roses can be delivered the same-day by a local florist.