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Microsoft Technology Behind New Dove POS

LOS ANGELES (August 9, 2005) – Teleflora, the world’s leading floral service and products company, today unveiled its new Dove Point-of-Sale system, the industry's most advanced product on the market. Built using Microsoft’s framework, Teleflora’s Dove POS instantly offers thousands of florists an easy to use, affordable and highly-sophisticated point-of-sale system.

Dove POS is designed to help florists with a wide range of business functions. From order entry and shop management to marketing and accounting tools, Dove POS will save time, money and help florists grow their business. The first generation of this system is the ideal introductory point-of-sale product. Additional versions are scaleable to any retail florist shop size and business needs.

"Dove POS delivers sophisticated functionality and great user compatibility, giving florists a technology tool that will help their business" stated Cristina Fernandez McQuistion, executive vice president, membership services, Teleflora. "This product is the collaborative result from florists' input, Microsoft cutting-edge technology and a team of Teleflora staff including engineers, software developers, customer service, marketing and product experts. We are excited about this new product and its ability to help our member florists grow their day-to-day retail operation."

Microsoft technologies makes Dove POS one of the most advanced point-of-sale products on the market. Its broad and in-depth tool set built using Microsoft’s .NET Framework gives the user access to an almost limitless array of Web services and allows Teleflora to continue to address the varying needs of its member florists.

Teleflora's Dove POS is designed to completely integrate with existing Teleflora products and services, including Dove, credit card, eFlorist and MyTeleflora.com. Other key features of Teleflora's new Dove POS include:
  • Marketing wizard tool
  • Custom products feature
  • High speed credit card processing
  • Fast on-screen access to customer order history
  • Online help menu
  • Product maintenance
  • Clearinghouse Statement access
  • Detailed accounting reports
  • Sales and business analysis

Teleflora Dove POS will be available to florists nationwide this October. To learn more about Dove POS please contact 800-373-4656.

About Teleflora

Teleflora is the world’s leading floral service and products company. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Teleflora has approximately 25,000 member florists throughout the U.S. and Canada, with an additional 20,000 affiliated florists outside North America. Teleflora offers industry-leading floral arrangements and gifts, technology, marketing and education services. Through its extensive member florists’ network, Web sites including www.teleflora.com and www.findaflorist.com, and its toll-free line 1-800-TELEFLORA, the company offers consumers fast, convenient and high-quality flowers and keepsake products.

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