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One of the reasons that Teleflora floral gifts continue to remain the favorite of consumers is our constantly evolving licensing program. By seeking out new and exclusive relationships with world-famous brand names, including renowned artists, we are able to keep our custom-made gifts as fresh as our florists' flowers. Here are some fascinating facts about our current roster of licensing partners.


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1948 Ford Pickup Bouquet

Teleflora's '48 Ford Pickup

"Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right." ľ Henry Ford

Henry Ford's spirit was the simple American sense of possibility and determination. He knew that any challenge could be met and any obstacle overcome - if the spirit was willing.

On June 16, 1903, Henry Ford founded Ford Motor Company, based on the optimism that everyone should be able to afford a car. And he did it. Henry Ford succeeded in making an automobile affordable to everyone who worked and made a living. But he built more than cars; he built freedom - for everybody.

Time Magazine called the Model T "the automobile that defined the twentieth century from start to finish." It gave people the freedom to pursue a better life. Jobs and education were no longer limited by geography. Before the Model T made dependable, affordable transportation a reality, most people never traveled more than 25 miles from home their entire life.

Today, Ford Motor Company continues to operate based on Henry Ford's sprit of optimism and can-do spirit.

Ford's Iconic Nameplates

Throughout Ford's history, iconic nameplates have captivated the imagination and devotion of Americans. Some of the most popular nameplates include:

Ford F-series Truck:

The F1, Ford's first modern truck, was produced in 1948, and ever since, the Ford F-series has continued to gain a devout fan base. The Ford F-150 has been the world's most popular truck for the past 24 years and the best-selling vehicle in America for the past 32 years.

Ford Mustang:

From the moment the first model was launched in 1964, the Mustang instantly achieved legendary status. Within the first two years of production, more than one million Mustangs were sold, the fastest that any new nameplate has reached that number. Over the years, Mustang's history has been documented through films and television including the James Bond film Goldfinger, Steve McQueen's Bullitt, and as Kitt on the hit television series Knight Rider.

The Ford Mustang remains the best-selling sports car form the past 22 years and counting.

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