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In the 100 years that Mother’s Day has been celebrated, the idea of motherhood has changed radically. The 1950s image of a homemaker in a flouncy skirt serving roast-beef dinners seems like ancient history now.

That’s because as women gained wider access to higher education and acquired earning power, they’ve had many more choices than ever before.

Our definitions of family are constantly changing and evolving. Many families today are headed by single women. Others are second marriages for one or both parties, and include children from previous relationships. Still others are made up of same-sex parents and their kids.
In addition to our parents and siblings, most of us have other female relatives, friends, neighbors and mentors whom we dearly love.

As Mother’s Day, which started in 1908, enjoys this milestone birthday, it’s worth taking a minute to look back and think about all the women who made you the person you are today. No one can take Mom’s place, of course. Nevertheless, these special women who have touched your life are almost like "other mothers."

And wouldn’t they love to learn that they have a special place in your heart? Letting them know will make both of you feel great for a long time to come.

Ordering flowers online is a fast and fun way to express yourself. Imagine the look on her face as she takes in the beauty of fresh spring flowers, hand-arranged and hand-delivered in a lovely keepsake vase.

Lavender Roses
Here are a few people, in addition to your mother, you might want to remember with a floral bouquet on Mother’s Day:

Grandmothers: If you’re lucky enough to have a grandmother in your life, be sure to honor her, the matriarch of your clan, with some bright blooms that will add cheer and charm to her Mother’s Day.

Stepmothers: The stereotypical image of a stepmother needs an update. Forget the fairy tales and consider saying "thanks for being you" to your stepmom. She’s bound to appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Aunts, Cousins, Sisters, etc.: At one time or another, they gave you some maternal advice or did you a favor. Or maybe they are just plain fun to be with. Try to imagine a family gathering without these key members of the crew! Keep the party vibe going with a festive bunch of flowers.

Longtime friends, mentors: It’s funny how many lessons you learn from the people you’re close to and how many ways they support and guide you over the years. Flowers are a super way to show your gratitude.

As Mother’s Day celebrates a big birthday, sending flowers to your mother and others is a great way to count your blessings
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