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Teleflora partners with the most experienced neighborhood flower shops. No matter what your occasion or budget, our local florists offer a beautiful array of reasonably priced bouquets that are lovely, hand-arranged and hand-delivered at no extra charge.

That's why we've become the flower shop of choice for so many people. Say it's your pal's birthday: you can brighten the day without breaking the bank. Know someone who's feeling blue? YouÔÇÖll be amazed at how much cheer we can deliver, and how little it can cost you.

After all, it's the thought, not the price tag that counts. And we give the same amount of attention to every bouquet we deliver, no matter what the cost. Even our $29.99 bouquets are lovely, hand-arranged by a professional florist and then hand-delivered by one of the local flower shops near you. Our flowers will never arrive in a box! You can be sure when you order from us, the person receiving them will know how much you care.

Of course flowers aren't the only moderately priced gifts you can order from this online flower shop. We offer gorgeous live plants and bouquets arranged in the perfect, delightful keepsake container for an extra-special occasion--like a new baby!

You can call it a mission if you like, but here at Teleflora we like to accentuate the positive. And our terrific relationships with so many wonderful flower shops in the United States are a testament to that. We believe that everyday there is reason to celebrate, smile and send love. So, hereÔÇÖs to flower shops that deliver beautiful gifts and make the people who send and receive them feel like a million bucks!

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