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Ways to promote being green this Earth Day - April 22nd, 2013

by webdev

April 01, 2013

Earth Day is taking place on April 22 this year, giving parents less than a month to get ready to educate their children on the importance of conservation. Not only is the annual event a great option for encouraging kids to help protect and take care of the environment, it can also be used as a fun way for families to bond. Scholastic recently listed a few of the best and easiest ways for families to prepare to be green.

Skip the trips in the car
A great way to begin going green in April is to start riding bikes more frequently. For example, opting to take a family bike ride to grab a few items at nearby convenience stores can help kids get in some exercise and the family cutback on their carbon footprints. 

On the same note, if you live nearby the kids' school, it could be fun to start riding bikes to and from class. You could either bike as a family, or allow the kids to bike there with a group of friends if the youngsters are old enough to hit the road with other neighborhood children.

Boost recycling 
Recycling is an important part of reducing waste that gets sent to landfills. Opting to teach the kids about the recycling process may encourage them to be more responsible with what they throw away. You could even go so far as taking them to a nearby recycling plant to show them firsthand where their efforts go.

Get planting
There is perhaps nothing more natural than growing beautiful flowers or delicious and fresh produce in the backyard, so creating a garden this year is a great way to honor Earth Day. Before embarking on such an endeavor, it's important for families to take the time to research certain blooms and vegetables. For example, growing peppers might be too time-consuming for some families, so figuring out the logistics ahead of time could improve the success rate.

Yahoo! Voices reports flowers like sweet alyssum, California poppies, zinnias and bachelor buttons (also known as cornflowers) are all easy blossoms to take care of. Zinnias, for example, come in a variety of bright colors including pinks, reds, oranges and yellows and enjoy plenty of time in the sun. According to the news outlet, these flowers can grow between six and 36 inches in height and make beautiful bouquets. They tend to bloom in the late spring through early fall.

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