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Valentine's flowers: Not just for girls

by webdev

February 08, 2011

While Valentine's Day flowers are traditionally doled out to female significant others, suggests that giving the guy in one's life a batch of colorful buds may leave him just as happy and surprised. No matter what kind of person he is, the flowers will still at least bright up a room and leave a fresh, natural feeling in the home.

To really drive the point home, try to incorporate another recent event with the blossoms. If he has just gotten a promotion or raise, show up at the office and surprise him with a vibrant, unique Valentine's Day roses. He'll certainly appreciate the gesture and will probably be flattered that someone was thinking about him.

If a guy is down in the dumps from a cold or just feeling blue because of the never-ending snow, presenting him with fresh flowers can bring a little extra light into his life. The news source states that flowers can perk up anyone's mood and may provide some much needed color to a gray, winter day.

A lover's spat is something else that can may be solved by flowers. If a couple has recently had a little disagreement, surprise him with a sudden token of affection with a batch of flowers. Not only will it show forgiveness, buds can also show understanding - the bouquet alone may do wonders to ease the tension.

Valentine's Day can also be a perfect excuse to provide a quirky and bright look to his apartment. Once the guy puts the new flowers on display, there will be a whole new world of colors unlocked in the home. also suggests that there are some types of flowers that are more masculine than others. Many men may be reluctant to set any kind of bouquet on display, but they could still appreciate nifty, potted plants that seems a little manlier. If flowers might fly, try going for powerful, bright colors instead of pastels. Exotic buds may also do the trick.

Don't forget to include another special item in the gift, whether it's two tickets to the upcoming basketball game or for a relaxing day at the spa.

If anyone is still doubting that flowers might be a nice touch to a guy's Valentine's Day present, consider recent research by Rutgers University. One study found that receiving flowers made each and every participant significantly happier, no matter age or gender, according to Rutgers Magazine.


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