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University to research origin of flowers

by webdev

February 28, 2011

A research team at the University of Buffalo plans to invest $7.3 million in order to map out the genome of the flower known as the Amborella, according to Buffalo Rising. The hope is that, by outlining this particular sequence, they will be able to discover the origin of flowers.

The Amborella is the only known surviving bud from the earliest family of flowering plants, so it can be used as a prototype for the evolution of all flowers. The researchers plan to compare the genome to those of other blossoms so that they can better determine how the plants changed over the course of centuries.

"The Amborella genome and the strategies we are using to obtain and analyze the genome will provide not only a unique scientific resource with broad impacts on plant biology, but it also will provide excellent opportunities to demonstrate the utility of an evolutionary perspective across the biological sciences," said Victor Albert, a co-principal investigator on the Amborella genome project, the news source reports.

Humans have been interested in the significance of flower types for thousands of years. The Washington Post reports that there is evidence that Neanderthals even used buds for ceremonies and other sacred events.

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