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UK Hospital bans flowers

by webdev

January 06, 2011

Even though recent studies have found that individuals who receive fresh flowers and other flower gifts have positive emotional reactions including improved moods and better social behaviors, a hospital in the UK is banning flower bouquets.

According to the Stourbridge News, Russells Hall Hospital is starting a one-month trial that prohibits visitors from bringing floral arrangements into the facility.

Officials say the trial is being done to stop water from spillages that can damage medical electrical equipment and to prevent nurses from having to tend to the vases.

"Tending to vases of flowers takes up valuable nursing time, time which could be better spent looking after patients," director of nursing Denise McMahon told the newspaper.

Although small floral arrangements already in vases or baskets will still be permitted in the hospital's maternity ward, all other visitors will be asked to either donate or take flowers for other patients home with them.

Donated flowers will be redistributed by the hospital's prayer center.

Hospital officials say visitors can still bring potted plants to recovering patients, as they require less tending to and less chance of spillage.


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