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Try to personalize Valentine's Day flowers

by webdev

February 04, 2011

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, which means men everywhere will be trying to think of creative ways to get the best possible Valentine's Day flowers for a significant other.

There are many options available, from the traditional red roses to something a little more eccentric, but the key may lie in tailoring the batch of buds to reflect a loved one's personality.

TV talk show host Michelle Valentine recently told Tampa Bay Online that these unique touches could make any bouquet seem special.

"If she loves to cook, maybe you include a soup spoon or a spatula. If she likes painting, maybe some brushes in a bouquet," she said.

Finding items that correspond to a significant other's hobby can go a long way in making Valentine's day flower arrangement roses go from normal to unforgettable. Another way to make a memory that will last a lifetime is to find some new flowers that may be even better.

This could include vibrant daises, carnations, zinnias, lilies, mums and Alstroemeria.

If one can't think of a way to incorporate a hobby into these flowers, try doing something else, instead.

"Not only is it OK, you can find other things to add while you're there - a card, some chocolates, a frame for a photo of you two together," Valentine told the news provider. "I would think it's actually quite sweet if a man had put something together on his own."

This could be anything from a romantic card to a memento or collage of all the good times that a couple has had together.

Expert Patty Brisben stresses that the most crucial element in any Valentine's Day celebration is the presentation itself. Find a creative way to dole out the flowers that doesn't just consist of handing them over. At least try to find a vase and add a special scent to it with a fragrance.

The bottom line, however, is clear - it can't look rushed. For this reason, many may choose to send flowers for Valentine's Day, so that they will arrive on the doorstep in pristine shape.

If one is planning to add a gift to the mix, do-it-yourself items may take the cake when it comes to romance. suggests trying to make a mixed CD or unique card. An affordable but practical gift can be just as good as an expensive pair of earrings, if it's thoughtful enough.


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