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Tropical flowers last into the fall

by webdev

July 15, 2011

There are many fantastic tropical flowers that can enhance any garden, and may make it feel like paradise. Esperanzas, Pride of Barbados and Cassava are all fantastic blooms and plants to put into a garden throughout the summer months, according to Sulphur Daily News.

In Louisiana, even though the temperatures are on the stifling side during the summer months, tropical flowers can handle it. And luckily, they are low maintenance, so the gardener does not have to spend hours in the hot weather keeping up these tropical blooms, according to the media outlet.

If planted properly in the right location, these blooms can last in a garden well into autumn, resulting in a tropical feel even when the temperatures drop, the news provider reports.

According to the Oakville Patch, it is important to discover what types of tropical flowers are in a garden in order to care for them properly. The majority of tropical flowers thrive in heat, so it is necessary to ensure that they are planted in a spot in which they can get the most sun.


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