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Top 3 flowers for February babies

by webdev

February 22, 2012

Aquarians and Pisces may be different when it comes to what the stars have in store for them, but when they are both born in February, they share purple as their birth month color. The February birth stone is amethyst, which means that purple flowers are the best ones to get the February baby in your life. But which ones exactly?

Violets. These purple blooms have been used in love potions by the Greeks, and currently represent modesty, faithfulness and virtue, according to Honor a February baby with Teleflora's Violets and Butterflies basket.

Primrose. The primrose is the alternate flower for February, making it another perfect bloom to choose when considering birthday flowers for a loved one.

Purple roses. Purple as a color has long been used to represent royalty and nobility, and is a deep, passionate hue. Flowers of this shade tend to be associated with dignity, pride and success, and you can never go wrong with roses. Teleflora's Morning Melody with Lavender Roses is a good pick for the regal Aquarius or Pisces in your life.

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