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Tips to keep house plants blooming for longer

by webdev

March 23, 2012

Receiving or purchasing your own affordable flowers to act as festive centerpieces or to spice up your living room adds a sassy pop of color at a low cost. However, if you are unaware of how to properly prune and take care of your indoor plants or fresh flowers, your blooms may start to die off earlier than you'd like.

The key to keeping your green plants looking their best is by making sure it is always moist. If you choose Teleflora's Serene Retreat which consists of dieffenbachia, spathiphyllum and hypoeste, make sure the soil is damp at all times, since spathiphyllum can easily wilt without water. These plants are particular with how much sunlight they need, too. Low light tends to slow their bloom cycle, while too much light can cause burn spots. The ideal spot for a plant like this is in an area with bright, yet indirect sunlight.

Fresh flower care is a bit more difficult as the blooms have been cut away from their roots and mother plants. However, there are certain techniques to consider to make sure they stay bright and happy for longer. With Easter right around the corner, you may have purchased Easter flowers like the Enchanted Blooms bouquet from Teleflora. This collection of green hydrangea, pink roses, pink hyacinth and pink waxflower is absolutely stunning. Hydrangeas have woody stems that require a change of water frequently. If you notice a blossom wilting prematurely, try taking it out, re-cutting the stem at a sharp angle and placing it in warm water for at least an hour. This should bring the blossom back to life. Roses need a bit of upkeep to last longer. Make sure to remove any discolored petals on the flower and rose bouquets in a cool area.

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