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The health benefits of rose oil

by webdev

September 27, 2010

Roses are typically seen in gardens and bouquets, but the flower's oils may offer several health benefits.

According to Rose Magazine, rose oil and rose water are typically used for aromatherapy. Commercial production of the oil typically derives from three types of rose - rosa centifolia, rosa damascena and rosa gallica.

Though the oil can be used on any skin type, it proves particularly beneficial to those who suffer from dry or aging skin. It can also help diminish redness caused by enlarged capillaries under the skin. Rose water has also been used to treat eye infections, as the substance works as an antiseptic.

Rose scent has therapeutic benefits as well, the news source reports. The smell of roses may help sooth nerves that cause emotional or psychological distress, and is also sometimes used as a mild sedative or anti-depressant.

The extract has also been used to treat various symptoms derived from stress, including nervous tension, peptic ulcers and heart disease.

Those suffering from digestion issues, womb disorders or problems with bile secretion may benefit from rose essence. A tea made by boiling rose petals in hot water can also help soothe a sore throat.

Rose hips, flowers that have swollen to seed, contain vitamins A, B3, C, D and E, among other nutrients, which can help combat infections of the bladder and diarrhea. To treat these illnesses, the news source suggests making tea from rose hips.

For topical use, combine eight drops of rose oil with 10 milliliters of carrier oil, and apply directly onto the afflicted skin. The news source reports that one cannot use too much rose oil, so those using the ointment should feel free to apply as much as necessary.

Those who want to sniff rose oil for it's stress-reducing policies can steam the oil in boiling water on the stove, or purchase a room diffuser or aromatherapy ring, which will disperse the scent throughout a room when placed on top of a hot light bulb.

Roses may not be the only blossom that can positively impact one's mood. A study performed at Rutgers University demonstrated that study participants who received a gift bouquet of assorted flowers were on average happier three days after receiving the flowers than those who did not receive a floral arrangement.

According to researcher Jeannette Haviland-Jones, who led the study, "Flowers, like pets, help reduce stress. And, thanks to the new field of positive psychology, there's more evidence that positive emotion is healing and enhances reproductive fitness."

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