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The healing power of roses

by webdev

October 20, 2010

Roses, the flowers of romance and love, are not often thought of as a bacterial-fighting medicine. However, recent research has revealed that the flower's petal extracts may inhibit E.Coli growth, reports

Scientists at the Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia set to find out whether the ethnobotanical use of rose petals can cure diarrhea and enlarged tonsils commonly caused by E.Coli.

Essential oils for perfumes are often extracted from rose petals. The scent extract is often used in rose water and rose oil for skin care.

After experimentation, the researchers found that the petal tissues possessed fresh rose extract acted as an antibacterial agent and had the potential to kill or retard E.coli growth.

Around 7,500 varieties of roses exist today. Rose flower meanings differ based on color. Orange roses convey pride while white represent loyalty and platonic love. A blue rose symbolizes fantasy and a belief in the possibility of miracles, according to


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