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Texas corpse flower needs name

by webdev

July 11, 2011

Many individuals are now enjoying the beautiful aroma and looks of summer flowers. However, there is one flower the smells the opposite of good, and it is in need of a name. According to the ABC News in Houston, the Houston Museum of Natural Science has recently announced that they need some help naming the new corpse flower in their Butterfly Center.

The corpse flower, which exudes an odor akin to rotting meat once it blooms. Its predecessor, Lois, once bloomed in the greenhouse and received a great deal of publicity once people got a whiff of her. Lois is now dormant, according to the media outlet.

Individuals are able to submit a name until July 15, when the finalists will be named, the news source reports.

According to The Sugar Land Sun, the winner for the best name will be released on July 25, which is the anniversary of when Lois made its way into the world. There have already been 200 entries, and some of the popular names so far include Clark and Stinkerbell.

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