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Spring flowers that look and taste great

by webdev

May 12, 2011

While many people appreciate the beauty and fragrance of a beautiful spring flower bouquet in their homes, others use some of these popular seasonal blooms to garnish and add flavor to some of their foods.

Whether they're used to add a unique, elegant and edible decoration to cakes and cupcakes or add flavor to another type of dish, there are many flowers that not only look great but have a pleasant taste.

According to the Staten Island Advance, "Roses, violets, lavender and clove are sweet, while purple-blue borage flowers and colorful tulip petals taste like cucumber. Johnny jump-ups and pansies have a minty hint to them and scented geranium petals, like the rose geranium, have a slight tartness that combines nicely with sugar."

Individuals who want to try sampling flowers in their diets should know that not every flower is edible and that some can cause adverse reactions. Consulting a listing of edible blooms and knowing exactly what type of flower you have is important before eating it.

In addition, experts say that knowing where and how the flower was grown is important if you intend to ingest it. Flowers exposed to chemicals and other pesticides are not recommended for your culinary enjoyment.

Those who want to experiment with edible flowers may also consider displaying a flower arrangement that includes them on the table as well.


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