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Special kind of lily blooms at Minnesota zoo

by webdev

March 24, 2011

Those who are fond of rare flowers may be encouraged to send exotic flowers & bouquets if they are venturing into the Minnesota zoo of Apple Valley in the coming weeks - The Atlanta Journal Constitute reports that a bud known as a voodoo lily will be blooming there.

The blossom will be located in the Topics Trail section of the zoo and visitors may be able to smell it before they see it - it's otherwise known as a corpse flower due to the pungent odor it emits. The lily is expected to grow up to a height of around four feet.

The reason for the peculiar fragrance - which smells like rotting meat - is so the flower can attract flies and other bugs that will pollinate it. It is native to Japan, Indonesia and China.

Another corpse flower bloomed earlier this year, after lying dormant for five years, according to The Australian Associated Press. It was located in the Cairns Botanical Gardens in Queensland, Australia, and was only open for 24 hours.

The corpse flower is also known as the Titan Arum and the Sumatran plant. 


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