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Seasonal work-from-home positions available at Teleflora

by mfarrell

March 11, 2013

Teleflora is hiring 500+ home-based customer service agents to help during our busy Mother’s Day season.

We are hiring a large group of on call center agents to take floral orders for Teleflora. Applications for Teleflora Consumer Professional positions are currently being accepted. 

Seasonal work-at-home agents will help customers via phone and internet to choose and order the perfect flower arrangements to assist customers with choosing the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet or to celebrate milestones like birthdays or anniversaries or to send sympathy condolences.

Many employees find that working from home allows for an easier balance of work and family time while giving them the opportunity to earn extra money. Agents can enjoy the flexibility Teleflora offers to pick a work schedule that best fits their personal and family needs. Perfect for stay at home moms/dads, retirees, students or anyone who wants to work from home!  You get to telecommute!  You can work from the comfort of your home dining table, in your PJs if you choose.

Who are we looking to hire?

·         Home based, part time, on call agents for Teleflora. 

·         Home agents need a landline phone, a PC and high-speed internet.

·         We are unable to accept applications from the following states:  AL, CA, CT, IL, MA, NM, NV, NY,OR, RI, VT and WA.

How long will seasonal work last and what are the hours?

·         Training classes (12 – 16 hours) for the Mother's Day season are currently being scheduled.

·         Full time and part time schedules available depending on seasonal call volume.

·         Shift work available over 24 hours timeframe.

·         Minimum shift: we require you to do a 2 hour shift minimum.  

What equipment do I need to have in my home office?

·         A PC

               With Windows XP, Windows Vista Basic, Windows Vista Premium/Business/Ultimate, or Windows 7 or 8.

               USB headset/headphones for training webinars

               2 GB RAM is required.

·         Internet connection

               Must be ‘hard-wired’ to modem or router

               High Speed Internet: DSL or Cable

               No wireless connections or satellite ISPs allowed

·         Landline phone

               Analog landline phone line  - basic phone line needed which does not include call waiting or voicemail

               No cell phones, digital or VoIP allowed (some cable companies ok)

·         Phone Headset. 

               Corded Telephone headset  - with noise-canceling microphone that plugs into a corded landline telephone for production calls.

               Mute button and volume control required either on headset or phone

What is the pay?

·         Paid training: (12 – 16 hours) paid at your state's minimum wage per hour.

·         After training: $8 per hour and a bonus of $250 for completing a holiday assignment.

How do I apply for the position?

Interested applicants can find more info and apply for the position by clicking Teleflora work-at-home positions.

Watch Teleflora’s “How to work at Home” video on YouTube.

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Selena Gardner | Reply
March 11, 2013

Wanted to apply however I have wireless internet and digital phones.

Bonnie | Reply
April 1, 2013

I am also wondering why you can not use a wireless internet?  Can you use a phone service such as vonage?

Angela Nakamoto | Reply
March 11, 2013

I worked for Teleflora for over 8 years in Los Angeles as a customer service rep and then as National Acct Sales rep.  Please provide more details or information regarding home based rep information.

Thank you.

mfarrell | Reply
March 14, 2013

Hi Angela,
If you click the link above it takes you to the application page and you can read more info there.  Sorry, but if you still live in LA, we currently do not have Work At Home positions in California.

Kimberly McGhee | Reply
March 20, 2013

I applied and I sent my results but I never got an email for the skills tests. I have over 35Mbps of speed so I know I meet the requirement. Can someone from HR please email me the tests?

Denise | Reply
March 30, 2013

How about employment in Canada?

maryanne bennett | Reply
April 3, 2013

can you have a floral shop, be a member of teleflora, and still do this in your spare time

Connie Noble | Reply
April 5, 2013

I filled out the application and they sent me to the test page.  I took the test and now I am wondering how long does it take to find out if you qualify for a job with Teleflora.  I am very interested and would love to do this.

Thank you,

Connie Noble

Sharen Goldstein | Reply
April 5, 2013

Please advise what download speed is acceptable?

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