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Roses to encourage adherence to traffic laws

by webdev

October 28, 2010

India's National Cadet Corps have found a new way to encourage people to follow traffic rules. Celebrating Traffic Safety Week, they offered roses instead of tickets to rule violators, reports The Times of India.

One man was stopped for not wearing a seat-belt, another for not wearing a helmet on India's dangerous traffic roads. Both men were offered a small bouquet of red roses and kindly reminded of traffic laws that obligate drivers to wear their seat-belts and bikers to wear helmets for safety.

Traffic Safety Week will last from October 22 to October 28 and is held in order to raise awareness of road safety. In addition to handing out roses, the cadets also assisted policemen with managing traffic in 11 of the city's most congested intersections. A total of 100 cadets and an added 100 traffic personnel participated in the effort.

The city was especially worried about controlling traffic during the festive season of Diwali, though officials believed their efforts were helping to relieve congestion.

Some drivers on the road however, were not impressed with the roses. "Everyday, we have to stand in long traffic snarls and handing over red roses will hardly help. The city needs a stringent traffic action plan," one commuter commented to the news source.

Giving rose bouquets as gifts can convey different intentions depending on the meaning of the flowers and the color of the blossoms, according to

A mix of red and white roses represents unity and is well-suited as a gift for an engagement or an anniversary, while a bouquet of dark red roses can communicate beauty.

Instead of the common red rose bouquet to signify love, one may want to present their special someone with a bouquet of purple roses which represent love at first sight.

While yellow roses convey friendship, a bouquet of yellow roses with red tips represent a friendship which is beginning to turn into love, according to the news source.

Rose enthusiasts bored with the usual shades may want to opt for a surprisingly beautiful bouquet of multi-colored roses. The flowers, which look as though they have been tie-dyed, were developed a few years ago by a Dutch florist. Though he has kept the growth process a secret, it is rumored that the florist uses food dyes to turn the petals into shades of the rainbow, according to The Daily Mail. 


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