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Roses go organic at the Morris Arboretum

by webdev

June 13, 2011

Philadelphia's Morris Arboretum features 92-acres of lush and colorful gardens containing more than 13,000 plants, trees and flowers.

While many people visit year round, June is especially popular at the Arboretum because of the roses. However, the garden's resident rosarian is taking a different approach to the popular flowers this year.

"Everyone wants to get away from chemical reliance and move toward enhancing the whole environment of the garden so the roses can be naturally healthy," landscape architect and rose expert Justin Jackson recently told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

He's opting to treat the notoriously high-maintenance flowers with an all-natural fertilizer instead of chemicals and pesticides.

According to the newspaper, the Arboretum's more than 1,000 rose plants are now being treated with a compost tea that provides nutrients and beneficial fungi to suppress disease.

Instead of traditional rose plants, Jackson will plant disease-resistant varieties and will plant companion plants that repel undesirable insects or attract desirable ones.

"Nature is never perfect, and a rose garden isn't meant to be, either," rose grower Paul Zimmerman told the news provider.

When it comes to cut flowers, roses are among the most popular varieties. These blooms have an elegant form and unforgettable fragrance, and they come in a variety of different colors that symbolize different emotions.

Red roses are classic symbol of romantic love. Orange and purple roses suggest attraction and enchantment. Yellow roses convey joy and friendship. White roses represent innocence and loyalty.

Whether you choose a monochromatic bouquet or one with several colors of roses, these blooms are surely to be well-received for any occasion!


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