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Reasons to look forward to your spring flower garden

by webdev

January 14, 2011

Those with green thumbs won't be letting the frostbite on their hands deter them from beginning to think about their spring flower gardens.

"What makes spring so special is the resurrection of life in nature. This is most obvious when it comes to spring flowers, which indicate that everything in the land is waking up from it’s frozen slumber," writes

According to, it's best to begin planting when the snow completely melts away, or roughly when temperatures hit an average of 40 degrees on a steady basis. Depending on where one lives, this may happen in the near future, and there's a certain amount of preparation that must take place before flower-planting can begin.

Removing mulch, disposing of dead growth and foliage, balancing the pH of your soil as well as tilling and adding compost to the ground are all part of an annual process that should be done as soon as the weather permits to allow gardeners the most time to enjoy their blooms, according to the website.

Steve Whysall of the Vancouver Sun already published a list of unique flowers that may interest green thumbs this upcoming season, not least of which include haskap honeysuckle, dwarf buddleia, blue star, clematis and low-growing dahlias.

"It's always fun to try something you've never done before, perhaps growing a plant you have never grown before, or maybe growing a favorite plant in an interesting new way, or perhaps testing out a new method or technique of doing something," writes Whysall.

According to the expert, honeysuckle is becoming wildly popular in Japan and Europe for its delectable berries and high antioxidant content.

Meanwhile, the blue star is lauded for the powdery-blue petals it boasts in the spring that turn bright yellow once autumn approaches, the news source reports.

There are certain flower species that bloom especially early in spring such as the daffodil, iris reticulata, scilla, anemone and pussy willow, according to

Those who aren't so much into gardening but still love the look of fresh flowers in their homes also have plenty of reasons to look forward to spring, as colorful seasonal flowers become more readily available to create spring flower bouquets. Dahlias, freesias, heather, hyacinth, orchids, peonies, roses, tulips and zinnias are among the many delicate blooms that burst into season once winter ebbs away, according to

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