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Potted plants dazzle at botanical garden

by webdev

September 29, 2010

Though most botanical gardens feature wild plants growing in the ground, the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont, California, offers many specimens in potted plants.

According to the Los Angeles times, guests can find many plants in pots throughout the the park, some of which feature flowers that may entice insects. In the park, one might find a head of rich yellow buckwheat, which features 20 small blossoms that surround a grape-sized flower head.

Some plants flourish in pots rather than in the ground. For instance, a western azalea, though indigenous to California, has difficulty growing in the park, but manages to survive inside a pot.

"This plan likes acid soils, rich in organic material," Bart O'Brien, the director of special projects at the botanical garden, told the news source. "In a pot you can control the soils, and it does need more water."

Bouquets of flowers in pots or jars, rather than simple paper or ribbons, can be a nice surprise for a friend or loved one. suggests submerging flowers in vases, or hanging blossoms to create suspended flowers.

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